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  Susan Forward Video & Audio Clips:


Review any of the video or or audio clips provided below, and you'll quickly discover why Susan Forward is widely considered to be one of the preeminent therapists and most dynamic communicators of our time.



 Video Clips:





Susan shows just why she's such a dynamic and sought after speaker
(9 min. / 12 sec.)



Susan appears as a panelist on
Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher
(2 min. / 51 sec.)




Susan discusses "When Your Lover
Is a Liar" on The Roseanne Show

(7 min. / 14 sec.)



Susan talks about obsessive love with Los Angeles Fox & CBS Affiliates
(1 min. / 2 sec.)




 Audio Clips:



Audio: Susan Forward On Love...

Susan On Love: "So many people toss the word 'love' around without the slightest idea of what it means or how it's supposed to feel. Love is behavior. It's the way you treat someone and nourish their emotional and spiritual well being..."  (32 sec.)



Audio: Susan Forward On Self-Respect...

Susan On Self-Respect: "The journey towards becoming a more confident, independent adult is never a linear process. It will take you up, down, forward, backward and inside out. Expect to falter, expect to make mistakes. No one is ever totally free of anxiety, fear, guilt or confusion..."  (25 sec.)



Audio: Susan Forward On Change...

Susan On Change: "For most people, change is the scariest word in the English language. Familiarity is comfortable and predictable, even if it's not getting you what you want. If what you're doing isn't working, it's only common sense to do something else..."  (24 sec.)



Audio: Susan Forward OnRelationships...

Susan On Relationships: "A good relationship is based on mutual respect and a relatively equal balance of power. It involves sensitivity to each other's feelings and needs as well as an appreciation of the things that make each person special..."  (32 sec.)


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