Susan Forward As A Therapist:


“I consider Susan Forward to be among the foremost therapists of our age…”

 ~ John Bradshaw, author of Homecoming

Susan Forward’s remarkable career in psychology began when she volunteered at UCLA’s prestigious Neuropsychiatric Institute. The professional staff at the Institute soon recognized her innate ability to relate to, empathize and work effectively with patients and she was offered a a position as a paraprofessional. Deeply affected by the difference she could make in people’s lives, Susan made the decision to dedicate herself to helping others and entered graduate school at the University of Southern California. It was there that she earned her master’s degree in Psychiatric Social Work. She then went on to earn her license as a Clinical Social Worker and later her Ph.D. in Psychology.

Since that time, in addition to her private practice, Susan has served as a therapist, consultant and instructor for almost every major Southern California psychiatric and medical facility and is recognized as one of the leading experts in the country on relationship and family issues. She has developed and honed a way of working with people that is incisive, compassionate, interactive and highly effective.

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